Thursday, 27 June 2013

Listings for Thursday 27th June

Among the listings this evening at are Newly Sprung, a charming stripe sequence of poppy red, sunshine, bubblegum, Prussian blue, cerise and lavender. This is a 4 ply superwash yarn, 75% Blue Faced Leicester and 25% Nylon. Deliciously comfortable, yet so hard wearing, it yields 425m to a 100g skein. Like my other 6 stripe yarns, this is priced at £16.25.

Also making its first appearance this evening is Blithe. This yarn has a high twist, and is a bit thicker than the 4 ply above, with 365 metres (399 yards) to a 100g skein. It's a blend of 80% superwash Blue Faced Leicester wool and 20% nylon. The stripe sequence is charcoal, orange, silver, yellow, apple and mint (sorry! I laid it out wrong in the picture below. Swap the yellow and apple around in your head...)

Also this evening are some listings of Mind The Gap yarn, and Primary:Secondary.

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Gloria xx

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Listings for Thursday 20th June

Primary/Secondary will be back when I add new stock to my Big Cartel shop this evening at 9pm BST.  This time the blue is a bit more of a Royal than the Sky of last time - see the picture below to see exactly what I mean!

There's also Mind The Gap in the finer 4 ply weight, and on the high twist base, and some more Falling For You, and finally a couple of Funny Peculiar.

Listings will go live at 9pm.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Listings for Thursday 13th June

This is Falling For You sock yarn, with eight stripes reflecting the rich palette of autumn and harvest.

And here is the stripe sequence:

You'll achieve approximately seven rows of each colour with socks knitted from this colourway. All the technical details are on the listing at!

Also listing this evening, some Mind The Gap on my high twist 80% BFL, 20% nylon base; perfect for those who like a slightly thicker sock yarn.

There will also be a few skeins each of Lolalegs, Funny Peculiar, and 4 ply Mind The Gap (please note that that the few skeins listed are not from the same dye lot. If you wish to purchase multiple skeins of MtG on this base, there will be many more available next week). 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Update Thursday 6th June

Lolalegs sock yarn! Six colours of stripey fun. There's a character in my little boy's favourite telly program who always wears lovely striped socks and tights: this colourway is inspired by her. Shamelessly girly, in pinks and purples, with some fruity mango and redcurrant in the mix too.

Also some Funny Peculiar. Seven colours in this one; I like it so much, I'm already halfway through knitting a pair for myself.

And finally, there'll be some Mind The Gap sock yarn.

My listings will be going live at at 9pm (BST) this evening.