Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mind The Gap in new sport weight!

Now it's not just sock knitters who get to enjoy the stripy, Tubey fun! This week, self striping Mind The Gap will be released as a sport weight yarn. I'm thinking leg warmers, gauntlets, snuggly toddler trousers ...  what will you want to make?

This is my 'Stratus' base, which is 100% super wash Bluefaced Leicester. It's lovely and comfortable for next-to-skin garments, and such a pleasure to knit with. Each 100g skein has 262 metres (286 yards), and it knits up to 24-26sts to 10cm (4 inches) on 3.5-3.25mm needles. The swatch photographed was on 3.5mm, and gave me 26sts.

To give some guidance about how it will knit up: a 100g skein has approximately four repeats of the entire 12 colour sequence. One repeat on the illustrated swatch (or toy puppy blanket, as my son has decided) measures 6.5 inches (16.5cm) by 11 inches (28cm). Therefore, one 100g skein would knit a piece of fabric approximately 13 inches (33cm) by 22 inches (56cm). 

A 100g skein is priced at £17. Mind The Gap 'Stratus' will be available from 9pm BST on Thursday 28th November, at www.trailingclouds.com

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Listings for Thursday 5th September

The store at www.trailingclouds.com has been updated for this week. The high twist Mind The Gap is back this evening, for those who prefer a thicker sock yarn. This durable Blue Faced Leicester and nylon base has a lovely, bouncy texture, and as a thicker yarn (365m to a 100g skein), makes gorgeous cosy socks.

New this week is Tartelette self striping sock yarn: mouthwatering stripes of kiwi, custard, pumpkin, cocoa, raspberry and mushroom. 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Listings for Thursday 29th August

The store at www.trailingclouds.com has been updated with the colourways I have in stock, and they will be going live at 9pm BST this evening. 

Lots of lovely Mind The Gap this week, some Primary: Secondary, and a return for Lolalegs.  

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Listings for Thursday 31st July

Mind The Gap will be back in stock this evening at www.trailingclouds.com at 9pm BST.

Also listing are some skeins of a pretty new colourway too: Gardening Leave. Subtle tones reminiscent of cool florals and a cottage garden. Perfect for summer evening knitting!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Listings for Thursday 11th July

One Scoop, Two Scoop

Red scoop, blue scoop. And brown scoop. And yellow. Although it's more of a purple than a blue. And more of a pink than a red...

Mouthwatering colours, striping in cassis, raspberry, bubblegum, Cornish cream, chocolate and blueberry. Yum! 

One Scoop, Two Scoops is available on my 4 ply base yarn, 75% Bluefaced Leicester wool, 25% nylon - perfect for comfortable, hard wearing socks. 

Other listings this evening are Mind The Gap, Blithe, Catch Me if You Knit and Primary:Secondary.
Please note that the update is going to be an hour later this week, at 10pm BST.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Listings for Thursday 4th July

This evening at 9pm BST at Trailing Clouds, Primary:Secondary is debuting on the high twist base. Lovely, durable, squishy yarn in the brightest and boldest of colour ways!

Catch Me if You Knit is back too

As well as some Blithe, Newly Sprung, and Mind The Gap.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Listings for Thursday 27th June

Among the listings this evening at www.trailingclouds.com are Newly Sprung, a charming stripe sequence of poppy red, sunshine, bubblegum, Prussian blue, cerise and lavender. This is a 4 ply superwash yarn, 75% Blue Faced Leicester and 25% Nylon. Deliciously comfortable, yet so hard wearing, it yields 425m to a 100g skein. Like my other 6 stripe yarns, this is priced at £16.25.

Also making its first appearance this evening is Blithe. This yarn has a high twist, and is a bit thicker than the 4 ply above, with 365 metres (399 yards) to a 100g skein. It's a blend of 80% superwash Blue Faced Leicester wool and 20% nylon. The stripe sequence is charcoal, orange, silver, yellow, apple and mint (sorry! I laid it out wrong in the picture below. Swap the yellow and apple around in your head...)

Also this evening are some listings of Mind The Gap yarn, and Primary:Secondary.

Thanks for visiting! 
Gloria xx

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Listings for Thursday 20th June

Primary/Secondary will be back when I add new stock to my Big Cartel shop this evening at 9pm BST.  This time the blue is a bit more of a Royal than the Sky of last time - see the picture below to see exactly what I mean!

There's also Mind The Gap in the finer 4 ply weight, and on the high twist base, and some more Falling For You, and finally a couple of Funny Peculiar.

Listings will go live at 9pm.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Listings for Thursday 13th June

This is Falling For You sock yarn, with eight stripes reflecting the rich palette of autumn and harvest.

And here is the stripe sequence:

You'll achieve approximately seven rows of each colour with socks knitted from this colourway. All the technical details are on the listing at www.trailingclouds.com!

Also listing this evening, some Mind The Gap on my high twist 80% BFL, 20% nylon base; perfect for those who like a slightly thicker sock yarn.

There will also be a few skeins each of Lolalegs, Funny Peculiar, and 4 ply Mind The Gap (please note that that the few skeins listed are not from the same dye lot. If you wish to purchase multiple skeins of MtG on this base, there will be many more available next week). 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Update Thursday 6th June

Lolalegs sock yarn! Six colours of stripey fun. There's a character in my little boy's favourite telly program who always wears lovely striped socks and tights: this colourway is inspired by her. Shamelessly girly, in pinks and purples, with some fruity mango and redcurrant in the mix too.

Also some Funny Peculiar. Seven colours in this one; I like it so much, I'm already halfway through knitting a pair for myself.

And finally, there'll be some Mind The Gap sock yarn.

My listings will be going live at www.trailingclouds.com at 9pm (BST) this evening.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Update Thursday 30th May

Lovely Primary/Secondary sock yarn is making its debut at 9pm tonight.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Delicious! It works up at a slightly thicker stripe than my previous sock yarns, with approximately 7-8 rows of each colour.

My six stripe yarns are priced at £16.25 for a 100g skein, of 425 metres (464 yards). This base is a blend of 75% super wash Blue Faced Leicester wool, and 25% nylon. Only available at my Big Cartel store from 9pm this evening, at www.trailingclouds.com

Also on sale this evening will be some Mind The Gap, and some reduced price Mind The Gaps with a single knot in the skein. These knotted skeins will be listed with a 5% price reduction.
No Catch Me if You Knit this week, I'm afraid.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Update Thursday 23rd May

I'm just about to put a few skeins of yarn in my new store, at www.trailingclouds.com
There'll be more coming next week; this is just a small start, to get back into the swing of things. If you've been waiting for Mind The Gap yarn for a while: thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuesday 9th April

Trailing Clouds won't be restocking for a while; I will let you know here as soon as the new shop is ready to open and pretty new lines are ready to list. All outstanding orders will be shipped on time. Best wishes, and thank you for your custom and support,
Gloria xx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday 7th April

Profuse apologies to anyone expecting an update this evening: unforeseen family circumstances mean I regretfully have to close the shop for a week, reopening Sunday 14th April. Don't worry if you've bought yarn already: outstanding orders are being dispatched. Many thanks for your understanding.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Update Thursday 4th April

Only a little update this evening, mostly Mind The Gap, and a couple of skeins with a single knot. This will be my last Thursday update on Etsy: from next week onwards, www.trailingclouds.com will land at a new shop on Big Cartel. I'll keep adding small amounts of stock to my Etsy store on Sunday evenings though, for the foreseeable.

I'm very excited about my new store! It'll open for business on the evening of Thursday 11th April, at 9pm BST, with a couple of new 6 and 7 stripe colour ways, as well as CMYK and Mind the Gap.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Update Sunday 31st March

Lots of three stripe yarns, all on my Cirrocumulus base (80% Blue Faced Leicester wool, 20% nylon, a high twist, and 365 metres (399 yards) to a 100g skein. These yarns are priced at £15.75.

Also listing tonight are some Mind The Gap, and Catch Me if You Knit. Please note that the clocks have now changed in the UK, and we are on British Summer Time rather than Greenwich Mean Time.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Update Thursday 28th March

Sadly not much yarn to restock with tonight: some skeins of Mind The Gap, and a few of the CMYK. There will be lovely new stripey colour ways on Sunday though! I'll post pictures as soon as the skeins are wound and ready.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Catch Me if You Knit

Catch Me if You Knit - self striping sock yarn in CMYK colours! This yarn is 75% Blue Faced Leicester and 25% nylon, making it soft, yet durable and a pleasure to knit with, and to wear.
The meterage of each 100g skein is 425m (465 yards), and the average sock (60-64 sts) will knit up stripes of approximately 7 rows of each colour. Catch Me if You Knit will appear in my Etsy shop www.trailingclouds.com from 9pm this evening, priced at £15.75.

More Mind The Gap will also be added; a dozen or so skeins.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Update for Thursday 21st March

Just a few skeins tonight, and a couple with a single knot at a 5% reduction. I've not been well this week so not productive! Hope to be back functioning normally over the weekend, with restocking at a normal level on Sunday 24th.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Update for Sunday 17th March

Mind The Gap on my 4 ply sock yarn base will be listing this Sunday at 9pm GMT. There are a few skeins that are around the 90g mark that I'll list too at proportionately reduced prices, but please bear in mind that these shorter skeins are from a mixture of dye lots, so the shades and stripe sequences will vary.

As it was Red Nose Day on Friday, 10% of the proceeds from this evening's sales will be donated to Comic Relief.

Also, a few four stripe skeins will be listing:

And maybe some more waves in the yarn sea will find their way on to Etsy:

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Update news for Thursday 14th March

Mind The Gap on a new base!

With 365 metres (399 yards) to a 100g skein, this sock yarn is a high twist, durable blend of 80% Blue Faced Leicester wool and 20% nylon. It's soft and bouncy and feels lovely and snuggly on your feet! As with my regular sock yarn base, it will be priced at £16.75 for a 100g skein.

I've designed the stripe length to ensure that each skein has eight whole sequence repeats, with an extra three or so colours at the end. If you're knitting socks, you'll be able to have four whole colour sets per foot, so that's 48 stripes.

There's only a small supply of this at the moment, so when I restock the shop on Thursday at 9pm GMT, there will be a dozen or so of these, and about the same of the lighter weight base too. If you are considering making a purchase, please make sure you pick the right one! As there are so few, could you please not attempt to purchase more than two at this time? I do really appreciate the custom I have received recently, but as there is limited stock on this base for now, it would be lovely if people could not buy more than a couple today. There will be more available in forthcoming weeks.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Update news for Sunday 10th March

More Mind The Gap will be added to my Etsy store www.trailingclouds.com at 9pm GMT today. There will be regular skeins of Mind The Gap, some skeins with a single knot (at 5% discount) and some shorter skeins, which are sold at prices proportionate to their yardage. New developments for the forthcoming update on Thursday 14th March! There will be Mind The Gap on a different base sock yarn: a high twist Bluefaced Leicester base, 80% BFL wool, 20% nylon. It has 365 metres to 100g, and is lovely and nubbly, durable and soft. It's drying at the moment, having been freshly dyed, although I hope to have some pictures to post here in the next couple of days. For some idea of the yarn's appearance and texture, here's a picture of another colour way on the same base:

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Next update: Sunday 10th March

The Trailing Clouds Etsy shop will next be restocked with Mind The Gap on Sunday 10th Match at 9pm GMT. There won't be an update on Thursday this week, so I can catch up a bit. Thereafter, I should be able to dispatch within a couple of days, rather than the 'up to five' it currently takes to finish dyeing, drying and skeining, which can disappoint those anticipating their yarn arriving. So the best thing to do is to skip an update, get my dyeing ahead, and then be able to ship much more quickly! There may also be a variation on the Mind The Gap base available by Sunday. I'll post news here as soon as it's ripe and ready. Thank you to everyone who has supported Trailing Clouds! Yesterday marked my first three months in business, and I am thrilled to have seen so many lovely projects made with the Mind The Gap colour way. I hope to have some new goodies for you soon!

Monday, 4 March 2013